About Us

     In life, we all face struggles and blessings. It’s all part of God’s amazing plan for us. We don’t know what we will face in our time on Earth, but we know God has a reason for it all. He will never let us face our struggles alone, as His master plan is divine. While we may never know why God needed them back, our family was blessed with Haven Grace and Jameson Lee. Before we were ever to hold their earthly bodies, their souls ascended back to Heaven and they became our angels. Haven and Jameson, you are always in our hearts and minds every moment of each day. In the midst of our darkest struggles, a blessing came. We were able to honor their memory by naming our family company “Havenlee”. 

     There will always be times that our faith is tested. When we don’t understand and we don’t have the answers we desperately want, we have our faith anchored in Him, and we know His love is unfailing. We know He carries us when we don’t think we can go any further. He is strong and steadfast in us, and His love and grace never fails. 

    The collections we offer were all selected with a deeper meaning than just it’s name. Family is everything in our lives. Being able to to share experiences of precious memories with each other is the basis on how we select each piece. As our grandparents have handed down heirlooms to us, we want to give your family a chance to embrace the same traditions.