Giving Tree

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December game ONLY

The cool part about this game is- The first customer picks 2 ornaments off the tree & gets both of those prizes plus they get a FREE fw oyster for starting the game! Customer #2 gets 1 ornament off the tree, but they also get to pick from the previous customers ornaments #1 or #2 and they get those prizes  ( previous customer is NOT giving up their prizes - the next customer just gets to know and pick 1 of the ornaments prizes as well ) customer #3 gets to pick 1 new ornament off the tree & gets to choose if they want the prizes from customer #2 ornament #1 or #2 - The previous customer is NOT giving up their prizes, they keep both prizes, it just allows the next customer to actually pick one of their prizes from ornament #1 or ornament #2 from previous customer